The European Hansemuseum takes visitors on a research trip across Europe­ to the main commercial centres used by the Low German merchants.­ Dramatic­ rooms establish spontaneous connections to decisive moments of six centuries of cultural and economic history.

The Hanse

Detailed and accurate reconstructions of historic situations are interleaved with the classical presentation of original objects and important documents in placid display cabinets. The entrance ticket is the visitor’s key to their own personalised tour of the exhibition: a selection of four languages­, 50 towns and four topics is stored on a RFID chip, which opens the door to person­alised information on every step of the way through the museum.

Anyone who takes part in the History Experiment at the European Hansemuseum gains a new perception of historical relationships – at both an emotional and intellectual level. When they set foot in the museum, many visitors­ already have mental images of how medieval Hanseatic merchants lived: images of daring mariners on a stormy Baltic Sea, of finely dressed mayors in brick-built town halls, smoothly managing­ the affairs of their towns or of cogs bristling with cannon, with which fearsome merchants vanquish foreign rulers and dangerous pirates alike.