Permanent exhibition

The Hanse

Fascinating time travel for young and old

Work will start on 3 January 2022 to upgrade our permanent exhibition. It will remain open and visitors can take the tour as far as the Bruges room.

What this means for your visit:

› The exhibition is only partly open for visitors from 3 January 2022
› You can visit the exhibition up to the room with the market in Bruges
› Entrance to the museum is reduced to €9 (€7 for concessions)
› The entrance ticket includes the visit of the Castle Friary
› With the ticket you get access to our 3D tour of the entire permanent exhibition, so you can visit the rest of the exhibition online at your leisure

Experience the Hanse

What will you be able to see in the exhibition? After going underground to visit the archaeological dig on the museum site, we go back to the time of the Hanse. A scene on the estuary of the river Neva illustrates the key aspects of trade with Novgorod, which made Lübeck one of the richest cities in the High Middle Ages. There are lots of exhibits from this period and we show you how Lübeck became the boom town in northern Europe and grew dramatically. Bruges, one of the most important trading centres of the period, is illustrated by a visit to the market and is where the exhibition temporarily ends.

To the exhibition

› Duration: ca. 90 min.
› Languages: German / Englisch / Swedish / Russian
› Music: Wolfgang von Henko/
› Offers for families with children from the age of 8
› The exhibition is accessible without steps.
› Information material for school classes available.