Permanent exhibition

The Hanse

Fascinating journey through time
for young and old

As soon as you take the lift into the exhibition, your journey into the Middle Ages begins, past historical layers of earth with old walls and wells, into the time of the Hanse. The four Hanse trading posts of Novgorod, Bruges, London and Bergen are the most important stops.

Experience the Hanse

Starting in the 12th century, Low German merchants built a trading network across borders between the Baltic and the North Sea, from the Alps to the French Atlantic coast and to distant coastal cities in Spain and Portugal. At the most important trading centres in Novgorod, Bruges, London and Bergen, they set up ›Kontore‹: protected outposts with their own legislation. They stand at vibrant markets in the Baltic region and offer their wares for sale, trading fine fabrics for precious spices and valuable natural goods.

Accompany merchants of that time, set off like them from Lübeck towards the north and experience the exciting atmosphere of a Hansetag. Shudder in the face of the plague – one of the most devastating pandemics of the Middle Ages. Along the old trade routes and the flow of goods, you will experience the development of the Hanse into today’s Europe. Specially built rooms and stage sets bring selected locations on the Neva, in Bruges and Bergen as well as old Lübeck to life in an atmospheric way. Cabinets with original objects from all over Europe, archaeological finds and magnificent facsimiles provide the scientific background.

To the exhibition

  • Duration: ca. 90 min.
  • Languages: German / Englisch / Swedish / Russian
  • Music: Wolfgang von Henko/
  • Offers for families with children from the age of 8
  • The exhibition is accessible without steps.
  • Information material for school classes available.