House rules

House rules and museum regulations of Europäisches Hansemuseum Lübeck gemeinnützige GmbH

We are delighted to welcome you to our museum and hope you enjoy your stay. Before you begin your tour we would like to inform you about our museum regulations.
The museum regulations enable us to provide a pleasant atmosphere for your visit, to respect the interests of all visitors and ensure your health and safety. It is therefore in your own interest to follow these rules.
When you buy an entrance ticket and/or when you enter our premises, you accept the rules and regulations of the museum.
Entry to the exhibition is only permitted with a valid entrance ticket. Please keep the entrance ticket with you through-out your stay, so that you can show it to the museum staff on request.
Children under 14 are only allowed in the museum in the company of an adult. Children under the age of six must be under the care and supervision of adults during their entire stay.
For insurance reasons the adults accompanying groups and the teachers of school classes must be present for the entire duration of the visit and must supervise their group adequately. We hereby request all accompanying adults and teachers to perform their supervisory duties with due care and attention.
External guides are generally not permitted to offer guided tours to our exhibitions, either for commercial or
private purposes. Any exemptions for individual cases must be requested in advance.
Animals may not be brought into the exhibition. This does not apply to assistance dogs.
Visitors may not enter the museum in a state of intoxication.
Exhibits may not be touched. Reconstructions may be touched if not labelled otherwise.
Please do not talk on your mobile phone in the exhibition.
It is not permitted to eat or drink in the exhibition area. Food and drinks may only be consumed in the desig-
nated spaces in the foyer and shop area.
Weapons and dangerous objects may not be carried anywhere on the museum site.
Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the museum buildings for safety reasons.
Visitors are liable for any damage they cause. Anyone setting off the alarm, either deliberately or negligently, is also liable for the ensuing expenses. Parents or legal guardians and the accompanying adults are liable for any damages caused by unsupervised children.
Any bulky objects such as umbrellas, large items of clothing, rucksacks and bags larger than DIN A4 must be
checked in at the free cloakroom or placed in the free lockers in the foyer.
The museum accepts no liability for loss, partial loss or damage to articles left in visitors’ clothing. This also
applies if the free lockers are occupied and the clothing has to be placed without any further protection in a locked room along with other items of clothing. The museum is only liable for damages in the event of deliberate intent or gross negligence on the part of its statutory representatives or agents. In this case, liability for
checked-in clothing is limited to €500.
Photography and film recording for private use is permitted in the exhibition rooms and grounds of the European Hansemuseum. Photos and films may not be taken with the use of flash, tripods, selfie-sticks, drones or other apparatus. Any commercial use of photos or films taken in the museum or grounds must be approved beforehand by the museum director. If individuals are identifiable, their personality rights (right to their own image) must be respected.
Most areas of the museum are accessible for people in wheelchairs. Our staff will show you where the lifts and ramps are situated and will be pleased to assist you at any time.
Our staff are required to ensure that the museum rules and regulations are respected. Please follow any instructions they may give you.
The European Hansemuseum is entitled to expel anyone misbehaving from the museum complex without refunding the entrance fee.
This applies particularly to infringements of the museum rules and regulations, disturbances to other visitors, non-compliance with staff instructions or any other behaviour that causes a severe disturbance.
Certain rooms may be hired for events. Details are agreed in a rental contract. Otherwise the general museum rules also apply to events.
CCTV with temporary storage of the recordings operates in some rooms of the museum. It serves only to protect the exhibits from theft and damage.
We thank you for your cooperation and hope you enjoy your stay in our museum.

Lübeck, 01/12/2021
Dr. Felicia Sternfeld, Managing Director
Europäisches Hansemuseum Lübeck gemeinnützige GmbH

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